One of the production activities of the Hasanat Group is a sewage pumping station, designed for pumping wastewater of various origins, when it is not possible to dispose of sewage in gravity mode.

SPS are modular equipment and are completed in the form of the block unit delivered in full factory readiness - ready to work after installation on the place of the pump equipment.

The hull material is fiberglass reinforced, not susceptible to corrosion and decay, thereby eliminating the need for preventive work on the corrosion protection of the hull and ensuring a long service life of structures. SPS are equipped with pumps from Grundfos, Flygt, KSB, Wilo.

Execution options:
- SPS in the vertical case, with submersible pumps with or without a technological pavilion.
- SPS in the horizontal case, with external pumps. The design allows you to place large pumping equipment or a device of the receiving tank, depending on the source data.
- SPS of dry execution with the self-soaking up or centrifugal not submersible pumps.
- SPS with two or more buildings. The scheme is adopted for large volumes of waste.

Our company is ready to pick you up sewage pumping stations, based on the required data and the required conditions for the supply of wastewater.