Relying on our experience in supplying technical solutions of our own production, our team strives to provide maximum service when working with contractors. One of the areas in the production of "Hasanat Group" are pipes of various types of Kazakhstan production and the necessary components for them.

Pipes HDPE - - pipes of various diameter, without use of secondary raw materials by production. They provide resistance to the effects of various chemical and bioactive substances. The inner layer does not interact with the substances passing through it, so they will not lose their properties and perfectly perform the intended functions. They also have high strength, which is manifested in resistance to external mechanical stress. These pipes have no disadvantages, so they are a good material for use in various areas of construction.

Sewer pipes. Maintain pressure from 5 to 20 atmospheres. They are made from primary raw materials and are resistant to corrosivity.

Pipes for water supplyThis type of polyethylene pipes is characterized by the image of blue stripes on the surface of the entire pipe. Their main purpose - the transfer of water for drinking and for household needs. Water is transported at a temperature of 40°C and a pressure in the range from 5 to 15 atmospheres.

Gas pipes. Gas pipes have yellow or orange stripes along the entire surface of the pipe. The task is to transfer gas, including liquid. The required pressure ranges from 3 to 12 atmospheres.

Having addressed us, we guarantee not only high-quality production of various types of pipes, but also timely delivery, installation and service.