The Hasanat Group is a domestic leader in the production of KNS in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Integrated sewage treatment plants - engineering facilities that perform a complex of functions to remove the pollution contained in domestic and industrial wastewater before releasing them into reservoirs.

The cleaning process is divided into 4 stages:
• Mechanical - at this stage, the wastewater entering the treatment plant is pre-cleaned in order to prepare them for biological treatment. Here is the retention of insoluble impurities. Used facilities: gratings, sand traps, primary sedimentation tanks, filters.
• Biological - at this stage, the dissolved part of wastewater pollution is cleaned with special microorganisms, which are called activated sludge or biofilm. The main types: activated sludge, biofilters, digesters.
• Physico-chemical - cleaning of dissolved impurities, and in some cases suspended solids, is performed here. Many methods of physical and chemical treatment require preliminary deep separation of suspended substances from wastewater, for which the coagulation process is widely used.
• Disinfection of wastewater. For the final disinfection of wastewater intended for discharge on the terrain or in a reservoir, apply the installation of ultraviolet irradiation.

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