The company Hasanat Group LLP was founded in 2011 and has established itself as the leading domestic manufacturer in the field of wastewater treatment and pumping in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our activity covers three areas:
• Purification of household waste
• Purification of surface water
• Purification of industrial wastewater

We perform the full range of works from the audit of sewage treatment plants to their construction and commissioning. We also provide engineering and consulting services.

The professionalism of our employees allows us to perform work on the construction, reconstruction, modernization, technical re-equipment, expansion or overhaul of sewage treatment plants.

Technical specialists of our company have extensive experience in the field of wastewater treatment, have a wide arsenal of technical solutions, they are perfectly oriented on the market of modern technological equipment of both domestic and foreign production.

The experience and knowledge of our technical specialists were embodied in dozens of running wastewater treatment complexes, which implemented the following technologies:
• Classic aerotank - secondary drainage(ASM)
• Disk biofilters
• Membrane Bioreactor (MBBR)
• Biotanks (aerotanks with attached biomass)

Depending on the source data, construction conditions and customer requirements, we can offer both block-modular structures and structures made of reinforced concrete, with accommodation in a heated room or in the open air.

Our mission

Our company makes a feasible contribution to the protection of the hydrosphere from human-induced impact. At the same time, we try to minimize customer costs for the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants. With the participation of the customer, we will determine the most appropriate sewerage scheme from the accumulation of wastewater to the discharge of treated water into the reservoir of fisheries. We will develop an effective wastewater treatment technology. We will select technological equipment that meets all customer requirements.

Our philosophy

Realizing that for a customer, especially a private investor, the construction of sewage treatment plants is always a cost, we offer an optimal solution, developed as a result of careful study of the problem and aimed at reducing costs and increasing the profitability of the main production. This is especially true when it comes to the treatment of industrial wastewater.

We are convinced that there are no ready-made universal solutions. Each task is unique and requires an individual approach. An individual approach to solving a problem is our professional credo.

We are equally professional and attentive to the solution of problems, both autonomous sewage of a private house, and urban wastewater treatment plants.

We consider the components of success in wastewater treatment:
• well-developed technology
• calculation of facilities and equipment
• choice of equipment manufacturer

Today there are enough manufacturers of equipment for wastewater treatment on the market. And each manufacturer has its own idea of how it should be. Someone produces high-tech, highly automated and mechanized equipment from stainless steel of high grades focused on high performance. Others on the contrary offer equipment with a large proportion of ferrous metal manual labor with an anti-corrosion coating. Should we say that the prices in that case can differ many times.

For illustration, we’ll give the following example: Imagine, you need to dig a garden-bed. And you contacted the company, with centuries of experience in the production of equipment for the cultivation of soil. It is reasonable to assume that they have enough experience and they can help you. And they offer you the latest development - an ultra-modern multi-cultivator. And it is really good, the best of its kind. But in this case, shovel is enough. The shovel is cheaper, does not consume electricity, reliable and unpretentious in work. In the case of wastewater treatment equipment, you may be unaware of the inexpediency of the equipment being purchased.

We do not sell equipment - we solve problems. Rely on us!

Our arguments in favor of choosing our company.
1. We are not interested in selling you any specific equipment - we are interested in solving your problem.
2. We offer a comprehensive solution to your tasks from the initial consultation to installation and commissioning.
3. Our experience gained as a result of the launch and further maintenance of more than a dozen of our facilities
4. The responsibility of our company is expressed in the readiness to conclude an agreement for the operation or maintenance of the handed over object.
5. 2 years equipment warranty
6. Own production